About us

Striving at all times for professional growth from the various standpoints represented by club members – news, information, public relations, advertising, development and media educators. The Southern Colorado Press Club meets monthly September through May and holds an annual fundraising dinner for mass communications scholarships.

Our history

Since its inception, the Southern Colorado Press Club has been a pillar of excellence in the fields of PR, Press, and Marketing. Founded on the principles of community engagement and professional growth, we have continuously evolved to meet the changing needs of our members and the industry.

Introducing our volunteer board

Our organization thrives due to the dedication of our volunteer board members. Comprising seasoned professionals from the PR, Press, and Marketing industries in or near Pueblo, CO, our board exemplifies expertise, leadership, and a commitment to advancing our community.
Tiffay Pettigrew
Crystal Estrada
Vice President
Michelle Francis
Amber Shipley
Board Member
Trysten Garcia
Board Member
Ben Cason
Board Member
Sandy Romero
Board Member
Haley Robinson
Past President