Media Excellence Voting

The Southern Colorado Press Club has used many formats for the Sheepdip Media Excellence Awards, the group honored its own for the first time in 1980, recognizing people such as Mel Harmon in public relations, John Suhay in photo/graphics and Jack Duane in radio. Candidates were chosen by committee and the final decision was made by the Press Club board. No awards were presented in 1991 and the process evolved through the 1990s and early 2000s, when the Woolies were created for submitted work. Press Club returned to the original format for Media Excellence in 2012 and then turned to the membership to vote electronically in 2015. That procedure was in place again in 2018 and has been the protocol ever since.

The following categories were nominated and then chosen by a committee of Press Club members and approved by the Press Club board before the membership vote:
Print, Videography, Photography
Public Relations/Marketing
Graphic/Web Design
Social Media

Thanks for voting for this year's Media Excellence Awards!